SHEET GHOST/ Thirties Science Project

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A boy yearning for a ghost.
Come on Now, open a hole in the sheet, let's play ghost together !

Illust Design : Special Designer

Published : 2018.06.29


Malware basics knowledge: For people who want to know the difference between virus and malware/ drytt

Category : Kindle Book

We will answer questions about malware, which is the basic knowledge of cyber security, and how it differs from computer virus, by giving an overview and type of malware.

    Table of contents

  • 1. Overview of Malware
  • 2. Types of malware
  • 3. Summary

Published : 2018.05.12



I study to become a security expert.

I'm interested in Blockchain now.

I opened this site in 2018.04.04.

Tokyo, Japan

Certificate : Passed Registered Information Security Specialist Examination (2017)


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